The technology of immunoturbidimetry implements a further milestone in fecal calprotectin quantification. It allows very rapid and flexible random access use, as well as being the ideal solution for high throughput applications in the routine laboratory. The assay can be applied on all automated platforms in clinical chemistry and allows short turnaround time from stool sample to reportable result.

The combination of the test with the BÜHLMANN CALEX® Cap extraction device strongly simplifies the cumbersome procedure for stool pre-analytics and is adapted to the use on clinical chemistry analyzers. No additional pipetting and manual dilution steps are required anymore. The assay covers a measuring range from 20 to 8000 µg/g calprotectin.

    • Speed The assay is the fastest calprotectin test in the market. Results are given within 10 minutes. The broad measurable range of direct testing from 20 to 2000 µg/g calprotectin reduces the amount of retesting down to <5%.
  • Quality The assay is standardized against the BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA, the same cut-offs can be applied. Particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay (PETIA) further increases the precision and reproducibility of calprotectin quantification.
  • Flexibility Immunoturbidimetric assays can be applied on any open clinical chemistry platform. This allows random access workflow which can be directly integrated into the existing laboratory infrastructure.


Product Information

Name BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo 
Method particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay (PETIA)
Sample Type Fecal extracts
Kit Format 2 reagents; wedge bottles for direct loading on many platforms
Reagents last for ~200 tests; platform dependent
Sample Preparation CALEX® Cap extracts can be used directly without additional dilution
On-board Stability Stable for at least 60 days at up to 15°C
Calibration Stable for ~30 days
Calibration Range 0-2000 µg/g
Measuring Range 20-8000 µg/g
Sample Volume ~10 ul Extract (1:500)
Time to Result 10 min (approx.)
Applicable on all major platforms
Order Code Complete kit (KK-CAL), Reagent kit (B-KCAL-RSET), Calibrator kit (B-KCAL-CASET), Control set (B-KCAL-CONSET) – available separately


Available Application Notes

Abbott Architect c-series, Alinity
Beckman AU Series (AU400/640), AU480, AU680, AU5800, DxC 700AU, DxC 600/800
Mindray BS-200E, BS-240/240Pro, BS-380, BS-400
Ortho Vitros 5600
Roche cobas c501/502, c503, c701/702, c111
Siemens Advia 1650/1800, 2400, XPT, Atellica CH 930
ThermoFisher Konelab30i, Indiko/Indiko Plus
The Binding Site Optilite
Horiba ABX Pentra 400
Biosystems BA200

*validation ongoing; **validation planned; contact support@buhlmannlabs.ch for information