GanglioCombi MAG ELISA is a multiparametric IVD ELISA to detect anti-ganglioside – and anti-MAG (myelin-associated glycoproteins) antibodies in the same approach. Three enzyme labels (IgG/IgM Mix, IgG and IgM) allow for cost-effective algorithms including testing in 2 steps: (1st) initial screening for antibodies with the IgG/IgM Mix followed by (2nd) re-testing of positive samples with IgG- and IgM-enzyme label.

anti-MAG Antibodies ELISA

The anti-MAG Antibodies ELISA is a unique IVD test based on antigen from human origin. It is the acknowledged gold standard to reliably quantify anti-MAG antibodies of IgM isotype in immune-mediated demyelinating neuropathies. The anti-MAG Antibodies ELISA may be used as a stand-alone test or in combination with BÜHLMANN GanglioCombi® MAG ELISA to confirm antibodies against HNK-1.

anti-SGPG Antibodies ELISA

The anti-SGPG Antibodies ELISA is IVD worldwide, for the determination of anti-SGPG antibodies. A combined use together with the anti-MAG Antibodies ELISA enhances the chance to detect more IgM-related neuropathies.

BÜHLMANN GanglioCombi® Light ELISA

GanglioCombi Light ELISA combines on one microplate the three most frequent gangliosides, GD1b, GQ1b and GM1. The kit contains 3 enzyme labels: IgG/IgM Mix, IgG and IgM.

anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA

Anti-GM1 Antibodies ELISA allows for individual testing of anti-GM1 antibodies of the IgG and/or the IgM type. While IgG antibodies are related to Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), IgM antibodies are found in multifocal neuropathy (MMN).