The anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA by BÜHLMANN is a semi-quantitative assay for determining IgM antibodies against SGPG.

Anti-SGPG antibodies have a wider spectrum than anti-MAG antibodies: some patients which are anti-SGPG positive are negative for anti-MAG antibodies. Therefore, combined testing enhances sensitivity.

The presence of anti-MAG/anti-SGPG antibodies is suggestive of a demyelinating neuropathy, whereas the presence of anti-SGPG antibodies alone seems to be more present in axonal non-demyelinating neuropathies, often of predominantly motor-type.


anti-SGPG Autoantibodies ELISA Product Information


Method ELISA
Analytes anti-SGPG Autoantibodies (Sulfate-3-Glucuronyl Paragloboside)
Time to Result 4.5 h (approx.)
Sample type and -volume serum; 100 uL (1:1000)
Enzyme-labels IgM
Results Ratio of Calibrator
Cut-off Ratio 1
Order Code EK-SGPG




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