The quantitative detection of the abuse/intoxication of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) also known as liquid ecstasy is still a challenge in toxicology.

To date, GHB is not detected by routine blood or urine drug screens. Its detection is virtually only possible with chromatographic methods. These methods are time-consuming and laborious since they often require derivatization of the drug and/or sample extraction. Therefore many cases involving GHB may be missed in hospitals and forensic institutes.

This situation causes a permanent under-estimation of the amount of this kind of severe intoxications or the inappropriate care of victims. Clearly, there is a requirement for simple and rapid analytical procedures to meet current increased demand for analysis.

The BÜHLMANN enzymatic GHB assay will allow a direct, quick and easy quantification of exogenous intake of GHB.



GHB Enzymatic Assay Product Information

Method Enzymatic Assay
Time to Result 10 min (approx.)
Sample Type Urine / Serum <10 µl
Sensitivity Urine: 5.0 mg/L; Serum: >5 mg/L
On-board Stability of Reagent Stable for 2 months at up to 15 °C
Patents US 8,609,359 B2; EP 2 253 711 B1; JP 5711216 B2
Order Code KK-GHB