Serum Calprotectin is a powerful biomarker to detect the inflammatory status of a patient whether it is a classical autoimmune mediated Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) or a rare auto-inflammatory disease like systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA) or Still’s disease (AOSD). Detection of elevated serum calprotectin levels support differential diagnosis, moreover calprotectin has been shown to help stratification and disease prediction to ensure optimal therapy and monitoring for patients.

The BÜHLMANN sCAL® turbo assay is your flexible and powerful tool to be applied on most clinical chemistry analyzers. The turbidimetric technology allows rapid and flexible random-access workflow and the automation capability offers high throughput options in the routine laboratory. Another major asset of the BÜHLMANN sCAL® turbo assay is the dramatically reduced hands-on allowing serum calprotectin result reporting within a very short time.

The wide measuring range covers the clinically relevant concentrations and includes automated re-run for extreme high-level concentrations without high dose hook effect up to >90 µg/mL. Last but not least very high precision and reproducibility is guaranteed with the BÜHLMANN sCAL® turbo method.


Product Information

Name BÜHLMANN sCAL® turbo 
Method Particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay (PETIA)
Sample Type Serum;
Separated within 6 h after blood drawing
Stable for 15 days at room temperature
Kit Format 2 reagents, last for ~100 tests (platform dependent)
On-board Stability Stable for 90 days
Calibration Stable for at least 30 days (platform dependent)
Measuring Range 0.3-15 µg/ml (extended range up to 225 µg/ml)
Sample Volume ~2-3 ul
Time to Result ~10 min
Application R1:R2 ratio = 1:3, analysis: kinetic


Application Notes

Abbott Alinity
Architect c-series
Beckman Coulter AU Series: AU480
BioSystems BA200*
Mindray BS-480
Ortho Vitros 7600
Roche cobas c303
cobas c501/c502
cobas c503
Siemens Atellica CH 930
Thermo Fisher Scientific Indiko/Indiko Plus
The Binding Site Optilite

*validation planned; contact support@buhlmannlabs.ch for information