Infliximab Trough Level

Over the past two decades great improvements in therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases have been made. The rise of biologics like infliximab have been a great step forward to ameliorating disease course and keep inflammations at remission levels for prolonged periods of time. The benefit of administering the optimum dosage of infliximab at the correct time has become an important milestone in individual treatment of patients.  Patients with low drug concentrations have worse outcomes than those with adequate drug levels.  Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) for infliximab has a great potential for the management of anti TNF therapy.

Studies have shown that an adequate infliximab trough level can be determined in Crohn’s patients, helping to guide the treatment.  An optimal concentration window for trough level seems to be the range from 3 to 7 µg/ml of infliximab in serum.



Adapted from Casteele et al., Gastroenterology, 2015

Quantum Blue® Infliximab

The Quantum Blue® Infliximab assay measures from 0.4 to 20 µg/ml, and the target concentrations for trough level interpretation lies well within the linear range of the test. Quantum Blue® Infliximab provides a quantitative result within 15 minutes of incubation time. This offers the possibility to health care providers to act immediately before infusion of the next infliximab dose. Quantum Blue® Infliximab is unique in the diagnostics market, being the only test that can provide fast, reliable TDM information for infliximab and correlating well with the standard routine ELISAs for determination of infliximab levels.

Quantum Blue® Infliximab Product Information 

Test Quantum Blue® Infliximab
Order Code LF-TLIF25
Time to Result 15 min (approx.)
Sample Type Serum
Standard Range 0.4-20 µg/ml
Limit of Detection (LoD)  0.15 µg/ml