Two new fCAL turbo testimonials from Portugal: Watch the videos now

Unilabs Portugal, a private European lab chain, made a comprehensive evaluation of different Calprotectin assays on the market and found many discrepancies with assays from other suppliers. Finally, they choose the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo simply because it is faster, easier and reliable with a simple non-demanding workflow. Watch the interview with Dr. Carlos Torres. Find a short version and the full interview below.

Laboratorio Germano de Sousa, a large privately hold clinical laboratory in Portugal with over 1.2 Mio patient samples per year runs the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo on an Advia 2400 chemistry analyzer. The analyzer is attached to total laboratory automation (TLA) solution from Siemens/Inpeco. It is highlighted that the CALEX® Cap extraction tube can be put onto the TLA or directly onto the analyzer with no transfer to a secondary tube. Find a short version and the interview below.