EuroMedLab 2019 Debriefing

The BÜHLMANN Educational Workshop at EuroMedLab 2019 about optimizing your lab workflow for fecal calprotectin testing was a great success. Fecal calprotectin shows an excellent clinical performance as a surrogate biomarker for the assessment of chronic intestinal inflammation as well as for the follow-up of diagnosed IBD patients for therapy guidance. The workflow of pre-analytics of stool samples as well as the analysis itself requires optimization to cope with strongly increasing test numbers. State of the art technologies combined with modern sample management strategies are the key for laboratories to measure up to the challenge.

Videos of the EuroMedLab and the Educational Workshop presented by BÜHLMANN

BÜHLMANN at EuroMedLab 2019

BÜHLMANN Educational Workshop at EuroMedLab 2019


IBD Biomarker Fecal Calprotectin


IBD Biomarker Fecal Calprotectin

Dr. Aleksandra Havelka (Sweden)


Clinical Aspects of Fecal Calprotectin in IBD

Dr. Patrick F. Van Rheenen (Netherlands)


Laboratory Workflow Optimization in the Field of Fecal Calprotectin Testing

Dr. Luca Germagnoli (Italy)


Fecal Calprotectin in Modern Clinical Chemistry

Dr. Lukas Bestmann (Switzerland)


Full Automation – The Future Laboratory

Dr. Maurice Redondo (Switzerland)